Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

In the final year at Durrington Junior School, we hope to make it as exciting, engaging and as memorable as possible! You will 'Evolve' into mature, responsible students, as you explore and discover with Charles Darwin and adaptation; unravel the mysteries of the Mayans and trek the highest mountains! Moreover, prepare yourselves for the trips, residential and activity week along the way.

We hope this area of the site will allow you to understand the Year 6 curriculum, enable you to take your learning home, fly through the SATs in May and prepare you to be the greatest high-school students you can be.

“Every lesson has a new thing to learn for everyone” – Mahek
“I just love this school!” - Saffire

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21 Nov 2018

Hindleap 2018 - Day 1

We drove through snow-dappled fields, and watched spectacular pheasants try to fly as we drove through the Sussex countryside. The journey went well and, during our tour of the site, we spotted a deer grazing - it wasn’t afraid at all!

This afternoon, your children have flung themselves into pools of muddy water, explored deep forests, waded through muddy streams and clambered up treacherous terrain in their pursuit of adventure. Others piled crates so high that they flew when they toppled, like Peter Pan and his lost boys. Pool canoe topped the day off, paddling frantically across the water, learning new skills. Orienteering after dinner, followed by cookies and hot chocolate and then to bed and peace perfect peace! More tomorrow...


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21 Mar 2018

Diamond Cricket

 The girls in year 6 have received some coaching from the Sussex women's cricket team this term.  Below is a report from Maisy, in Graphite class, on what they have been doing:

 Diamond cricket is where there are four people batting and a fielding team. A bowler throws the ball to any batter they want to, and once the ball is hit, all four batters move round the diamond. Once you are out, you have to give the bat to the next person in the line.

The year 6 girls had a diamond cricket tournament, with four teams of ten. We played two games and everyone got a chance to play at every position and to play against every team.

The hardest part of the game is when there is only on person left batting, because all you do is run. A few of the last girls standing were: Lillis, Sofie and Tia. Overall everyone had lots of fun!

Thank you to Elizabeth Rigsby, a Sussex women’s cricket coach, who worked with us.

By Maisy. 






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16 Jan 2018


A report on our Mexicolore visit by Evie T (with help from her friends).

Today year 6 went into the hall to learn about Mexicolore.  First, Ian and his grand-daughter, Joanna, taught us how to count to four in Aztec.  The number four was the one people liked most - it is called 'nahui'.

After that we discovered that they have gods for everything!  They introduced to our world today, chewing gum and chocolate which the Aztecs and Mayans adored.

By the very end, we had lots of fun. We got to play instruments, dress up and do some chanting.

Everyone in year 6 had the time of their life and had smiles plastered to their faces; it was amazing!







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23 Nov 2017

Hindleap Warren - Day 2 - Evening

Take it from one who has done the forest adventure twice – today was muddier and the water deeper! Despite that, and even though there were a few qualms, the children threw (literally) themselves into it. They forded streams, crossed waterfalls and used the beautician skills of their instructor to beautify (muddify) their already glowing faces.

More canoes coasted across the pool, as the children learnt how to slide from the side in and what they should do if they capsized their craft. Archery skills were honed and children made close friends as they perched precariously on two crates (and sometimes on one)!

Tonight they swim and we celebrate the Hindleap awards, then prompt to bed, ready for the last few challenges tomorrow.

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23 Nov 2017

Hindleap Warren - Day 2 - Morning

Written by Alicia, Colby and Dylan.

Woke up and looked out and saw two deer standing outside our room - so exiting, not an every day occurrence. 

Next we had breakfast - delicious!  Bagel, croissant, pan au chocolat or fruit if you want to be healthy - hoping for a cooked breakfast tomorrow.

ROOM INSPECTION........ Some successes, some socks abandoned and lonely. 

Five groups ready to go on today's activities.  Check layers to keep us warm and for crate stacking - safety harnesses and helmets.

Children meet in the playground excited ahead of what they are going to do.  There, they meet the instructors who give them a brief speech on what they are going to do and how they are going to do it.

Groups scatter, going in different directions to enjoy the first adrenaline rush of the day.

Adventure - Bring It On! 

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