Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

In the final year at Durrington Junior School, we hope to make it as exciting, engaging and as memorable as possible! You will 'Evolve' into mature, responsible students, as you explore and discover with Charles Darwin and adaptation; unravel the mysteries of the Mayans and trek the highest mountains! Moreover, prepare yourselves for the trips, residential and activity week along the way.

We hope this area of the site will allow you to understand the Year 6 curriculum, enable you to take your learning home, fly through the SATs in May and prepare you to be the greatest high-school students you can be.

“Every lesson has a new thing to learn for everyone” – Mahek
“I just love this school!” - Saffire

Latest Curriculum Topics List

To see the planning for this year group, please look at ‘curriculum’ in the information pages of this site.

07 Mar 2019

World Book Day

Year 6 started World Book Day with a Pokatok tournament (the oldest ball game in the World)! It took a while, but they did manage to learn the new skills required: hitting the ball with hips and forearms (no feet allowed). An active introduction to the next book to be read in English.





Costumes were varied and colourful and the amount of children that dressed up was amazing. Two children even brought their car into school, and one child their house! Whether the classic Charlotte's Web, or a wizard from Harry Potter, it's clear that year 6 are reading and enjoying the characters that live in the pages of the books!







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06 Mar 2019

Maths Day

A lot of the year 6 children had worked very hard on their hats - they were fantastic!

Their artistic skills were still needed on maths day in school, where they took part in a range of activities including modelling 3d shapes using uncooked pasta and trying to find the right angles, working in small groups to make 2d shapes from string and studying some Islamic artwork.

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29 Nov 2018

Hindleap 2018 - Day 3

The morning was full of activity, from hunting down lost wellingtons to teamwork in the forest of Hindleap. The challenges involved emptying the rooms before 8.45am and being ready for first of two activities at 9am. The teams all pulled together and solved the challenges before moving onto the next. Some enjoyed their first taste of archery and others abseiled from the dizzy height of the climbing tower.

Back indoors, the winners were celebrated, certificates were handed out and then we waved goodbye to Hindleap. The children were full of fish fingers and chips, as they boarded the coach, taking a lot of mud and happy memories with them.


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22 Nov 2018

Hindleap 2018 - Day 2

We were greeted by a frosty scene this morning so the children donned every item in their bags just to keep warm! No they didn’t because it was surprisingly pleasant outside and the morning flew by as the children worked on team-building ready for team challenge tomorrow. Whilst some became Robin Hood, others abseiled and the pool was busy with children and canoes.

This afternoon, after jacket potatoes heaped high with a choice of chilli, tuna , cheese, beans or the whole lot, the teamwork continued and the last two groups enjoyed their forest adventure. Stream beds were explored, beauty tips were tried (mud being the foundation of choice) and pools were delved into.

Tonight more swimming and the awards where all the children’s achievements are celebrated. Then to sleep (we hope) so that we are ready for tomorrow’s challenges before wending our way home, tired, muddy and ready for the weekend adventures!

UPDATE: The children are all exhusted and off to sleep so the teachers are having a sneaky hot chocolate!

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21 Nov 2018

Hindleap 2018 - Day 1

We drove through snow-dappled fields, and watched spectacular pheasants try to fly as we drove through the Sussex countryside. The journey went well and, during our tour of the site, we spotted a deer grazing - it wasn’t afraid at all!

This afternoon, your children have flung themselves into pools of muddy water, explored deep forests, waded through muddy streams and clambered up treacherous terrain in their pursuit of adventure. Others piled crates so high that they flew when they toppled, like Peter Pan and his lost boys. Pool canoe topped the day off, paddling frantically across the water, learning new skills. Orienteering after dinner, followed by cookies and hot chocolate and then to bed and peace perfect peace! More tomorrow...


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