Year 4

Welcome to Year 3 and 4!

We have five classes in Lower Key Stage 2 and our teachers are Miss Willows, Mrs Watson, Mr Michica, Mrs Pearce and Mrs Jones.

You will find us situated on either side of our fabulous library, enjoying our learning; having fun, exploring new things and developing independence as life-long learners. Throughout the year we will be investigating Stone Age to Iron Age, Inventions and Inventors and Our Local Environment. It's an action packed journey filled with exciting and memorable learning opportunities.

“I like doing the work, especially our topic work as its fun!” – Chloe
“I like coming to school because I really like working” – Lucie

Latest Curriculum Topics List

To see the planning for this year group, please look at ‘curriculum’ in the information pages of this site.

18 Dec 2019

Bone-tastic Stone Age Day

Year 3/4 had a bone-tastic Stone Age day! The children's costumes looked incredible and even the teachers had a go at dressing up! There were lots of different activities for the children to try, including those pictured below.

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08 May 2019

Egyptians continued

Year 3 / 4 started continued their Egyptian topic by having a visit from Sir Teachalot today. He did as he said he would and taught us a lot! We learnt about when and how the Ancient Egyptians were discovered, where they built their pyramids and investigated what artefacts they left behind.

Did you know that although films show slaves building the pyramids, it was actually the farmers who built them during the 3 months of the year that they couldn't farm the land?

Thank you for the fantastic costumes that were seen. It was a great day had by all and those who didn't think so are just in de'nile'...

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08 Mar 2019

Lodge Hill - Day 3

At the beginning of their time at Lodge Hill, the children were promised that anyone who was impeccably behaved throughout their visit would be served breakfast in bed this morning. Unfortunately, no-one quite made the grade, but many children came close - a very well-behaved bunch and the school is rightly proud of them.

We spent our last few hours at Lodge Hill on a nature ramble discovering the difference between various trees in the woods, followed by some team games and of course a final splendid lunch. All off back to school now. Everyone is a bit more tired than they were before they arrived and a bit wiser.

All the children who visited Lodge Hill this week embraced their adventure in just the right spirit, and they all came away with some great experiences and having learnt a little bit more about themselves.


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07 Mar 2019

Lodge Hill - Day 2

Our last full day at Lodge Hill was packed full. Some children were advised (in the least grumpy way humanly possible) that 5.30am was way too early to get up! When we arose properly at a more peaceable time, the sun was shining brightly and a few of us went off for a pre-breakfast ramble. Breakfast was up to the usual standard of industrial quantities of cornflakes and far more toast than an 8 year old can shake a stick at. Then it was hot-foot into a full-on day of activities. Not to be outdone by the events of Tuesday, we rounded our evening off with a campfire lots of (terrible) singing led once again by Mr Jenkins and delicious pancakes prepared by Mrs Burgess and Miss Evans. Lots of weary heads were happy to hit the sack before 10.00pm tonight.

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06 Mar 2019

Lodge Hill - Day 3 / 1

Last night we had a break in the weather and we had a surprise for the children as we celebrated pancake day and sang songs around the campfire.

Today a bunch of newbies arrived at Lodge Hill ready for their adventure. They were ably shown round by the old-hands who have been here for over two days now, so know all the ropes. Some very excited children arrived on the coach, and the excitement was heightened during a tour of the site by their friends. We waved farewell shortly afterwards to some tired-looking, but very happy children on their way back to school. For the rest of the day we have made the most of what the weather has thrown at us, including scrambling around in the bushes during hide-and-seek. We can already tell that the washing machines will be busy when we get back! All settled down well for a good night’s sleep and eager anticipation for what tomorrow will bring.


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