Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 and 4!

We have five classes in Lower Key Stage 2 and our teachers are Mrs Allin, Mrs Watson, Mr Blake, Mrs Pearce and Mrs Jones.

You will find us situated on either side of our fabulous library, enjoying our learning; having fun, exploring new things and developing as life-long learners. Throughout the year we will be investigating the rampaging Romans, Shackleton’s Antarctica and enterprising Egyptians. It's an action packed journey filled with exciting and memorable learning opportunities.

“I like meeting friends and learning new things” – Lewis
“I have a wonderful teacher who helps me” – Jena

Latest Curriculum Topics List

To see the planning for this year group, please look at ‘curriculum’ in the information pages of this site.

25 Jun 2018

Super Sawing

Year 3 are really getting creative and are now into the sawing stage of their DT project within their Invaders topic.

The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings would be buried with boxes containing precious items that they were fond and we are recreating our own 'Keepsake Boxes' just like them! Lots of maths was involved with calculating, measuring and drawing lines accurately.

Did you know that some of the boxes were recently found in Shoreham when they discovered an Anglo-Saxon burial site?

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26 Apr 2018

Savage Saxons!

Year 3 had a stunning start from Rainbow Theatre to begin their Invader's topic. They learnt about the invasion of east, the removal of the Romans and the tale of Beowulf through drama.

Later in the day they also tried their hand at weaving, rune making and flat bread baking!

A super day had by all and thank you for all the fantastic outfits we had!

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27 Mar 2018

We are Inventors!

To finish off their topic on 'inventors and inventions', the children in year 3 all became inventors themselves!

They worked in groups to come up with their own design for a unique invention, then they built it.

First they thought up their plans.....


Lots of plans....


Then they prepared their resources...


Next they built their invention....


Lots of teamwork....


They were very proud of their new inventions.

 Ethan, Joseph, Ella and Zac made a robot........


 Daniel, Lily and Albert made a machine with a 3d food printer and a drink machine.....


 Rosie, Shayna, Amara and Ashlyn's machine turned cats into kittens and dogs into puppies...


Everyone had lots of fun!



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19 Mar 2018

Science Museum Trip

Year 3 had a fantastic time at the Winchester Science Museum last week.

They had a lovely time exploring forces and much more through interactive exhibits as well as watching a show!

Here are some of the things that they got up to:











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08 Jan 2018

An eggs-ordinary Start of 2018

Last week Year 3 started their Inventors and Inventions topic in an egg-citing way by 'hatching' plans to become inventors themselves.

After reading Egg Drop they worked in teams to egg-ercise ways of transporting their eggs egg-xtra safely.   It was egg-'tremely tense in the hall at egg-actly 2:30pm on Friday when the teams egg-ceptional inventions 'whisked' gravity egg-splosively!   Shell-shockingly only a few scrambled!

A happy fry-day had by all - now don't go poaching these yolks...










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