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School Council


At Durrington Infant and Junior Schools, our School Councillors have an important role to play in issues that affect the children and themselves. We value the opinions and suggestions made by pupils and encourage them to be responsible for our school. Each class elects a representative to become a member of the School Council. Through council meetings, children can put their ideas forward to ‘build a better school community.’ The School Council discusses the ideas with the Senior Leadership Team.

Minutes are taken from each meeting and the Councillors are given time to feedback to their class.

Being a School Councillor provides the children with an opportunity to learn real-life skills, take on responsibilities and be involved in decision meeting. 

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School Council Aims

School Council Responsibilities

Leadership Skills

Code of Conduct

Our current School Councillors are:

  • Y1 - Tom and Edward
  • Y2 - Aaron, Ava and Leah
  • Y3 - Phoebe and Kayla
  • Y4 - Caleb, Arche and Bethany
  • Y5 - Lola, Frankie and Louise
  • Beach - Hollie
  • Y6 - Megan, Keaton, Darian


School Ambassadors

At Durrington Infant and Junior Schools our older children apply and are interviewed to gain a much sought after position of a Pupil Ambassador. Our Pupils take that extra step to follow our school values and are the ‘face’ of our school. Our Ambassadors have a very active role in the school have been allocated different aspects of school life to focus on. Year 6 Ambassadors receive blazers.

Ambassadors have to apply for their preferred role and have an interview with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and the Pastoral Team, they must be an exemplary role model for the school and have excellent attendance. Once the role is secured the pupil will fulfil this role until they leave Durrington Infant and Junior school.

Our current School Ambassadors are:



Office Assistant  Charlotte, Jack, Ellie, Jessica
Computing Suite Assistant Elise, Ruby
Environment  & Phones Scarlett, Amber, Caitlyn, Lyla
House Points Elise, Ruby
Library Minnie, Jazmyn, Rosalyn
Dining Hall  Chole, Rozerin, Lian, Katie, Sapphire, Amelia, Jenna, Teia
Play Leaders Izzy, Matthew

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