“We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!”

07  Mar  2016

The nursery children were sent a book and a letter in the post! The letter was from three bears that were living in the woods in Worthing.They sent the children a copy of the book “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” which the children read with their teacher.


Next they turned their house into a cottage for the three bears and Goldilocks.The children played “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” in their house, but then suddenly they came in one morning, and the house had been left in a terrible mess! Chairs and tables were knocked over and the three bears had disappeared!The nursery children were very sad.They tidied up the house and tried to work out who could have left the cottage in such a mess.Later that week another letter and a book arrived! The book was called “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.”The children read the letter and the book and soon discovered that the bears had run away from home! A mischievous girl called Goldilocks had made their house messy and chased them away! The letter requested that the children come and find the bears and bring them home.Straight away, planning began for a nursery bear hunt.

 What an exciting day this was! The children found lots of clues around the school grounds which led them to the wildlife garden at the bottom of the field.The gate was locked, but luckily their teacher had the key and she opened it!Inside the garden the children found the three bears, cold and hungry, hiding in the trees!The children were delighted to find and rescue the bears.It was a wonderful surprise to find a thank you letter from the bears and a box of chocolate biscuits for the children to share. The nursery children can’t wait to go on a bear hunt again!







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