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To enable letters to be sent reliably and promptly, we use Schoolcomms, an electronic school communication system. Most letters are sent via email and short messages are sent by text directly to your mobile phone. School newsletters are sent fortnightly via email.

On occasion, we sent letters home in paper format (usually when there is a tear off slip that needs to be returned to school), so it is still important to check your child’s bookbag daily.

If you have any questions regarding Schoolcomms or any letter from school, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have missed any letters, please click on the links below to download them.

  • Beat the Street (Added 17-Jun-2019)
  • Newsletter 14th June (Added 14-Jun-2019)
  • Yr 3&4 - Breeze the Dog (Added 13-Jun-2019)
  • Online Safety Newsletter - June (Added 10-Jun-2019)
  • Yr 2 - Sealife Centre (Added 10-Jun-2019)
  • Yr 1 - Sealife Centre (Added 10-Jun-2019)
  • Race for Life (Added 06-Jun-2019)
  • Production of Professor Thyme and the History Mystery (Added 06-Jun-2019)
  • Newsletter 24th May (Added 24-May-2019)
  • School Finish Time Changes (Added 24-May-2019)
  • Yr 5 - Relationships and Sex Education (Added 23-May-2019)
  • Yr 2 - Little Big Sing (Added 17-May-2019)
  • Sports Days (Added 16-May-2019)
  • Yr 6 - Pre-Chessington (Added 14-May-2019)
  • PODS Sponsored Dance-a-thon (Added 13-May-2019)
  • PODS Newsletter - May 2019 (Added 10-May-2019)
  • Reception - Post Office Walk (Added 09-May-2019)
  • Yr 6 - Final letter pre-SATs (Added 07-May-2019)
  • Rainbow Theatre Visit (Added 07-May-2019)
  • The Big Battery Hunt (Added 03-May-2019)
  • Newsletter 3rd May (Added 03-May-2019)
  • Online Safety Newsletter - May (Added 03-May-2019)
  • Yr 5 - Hindleap Warren Residential Meeting (Added 24-Apr-2019)
  • End of term letter from Mrs Ensor (Added 05-Apr-2019)
  • Yr 3&4 Ancient Egyptian Challenge (Added 29-Mar-2019)
  • Tombola Mufti Day 2 (Added 29-Mar-2019)
  • Yr 6 - Summer Activities (Added 28-Mar-2019)
  • Reception Playground (Added 28-Mar-2019)
  • PODS Newsletter - March 2019 (Added 22-Mar-2019)
  • Newsletter 22nd March (Added 22-Mar-2019)
  • Topic Celebration (Added 20-Mar-2019)
  • Online Safety Newsletter (Added 20-Mar-2019)
  • Spring Term School Disco (Added 20-Mar-2019)
  • Yr 3 - Sir Teachalot (Added 20-Mar-2019)
  • Crisp Recycling (Added 18-Mar-2019)
  • Yr 5 - Space, Art & DT mornings (Added 18-Mar-2019)
  • Yr 5 - Marwell Zoo (Added 15-Mar-2019)
  • Year 4 - Swimming (Added 12-Mar-2019)
  • Red Nose Day 2019 (Added 08-Mar-2019)
  • Newsletter 8th March (Added 08-Mar-2019)
  • Worthless Update (Added 08-Mar-2019)
  • Cake Sale Thank You (Added 08-Mar-2019)
  • Reception - Farm Trip Reminder (Added 07-Mar-2019)
  • Infants - Bedtime Story Challenge (Added 28-Feb-2019)
  • World Maths Day - Maths Hats (Added 28-Feb-2019)
  • Online Safety (Added 27-Feb-2019)
  • Yr 6 - Relationships and Sex Education (Added 27-Feb-2019)
  • Yr 1 - Pond Lane Walk (Added 27-Feb-2019)
  • Beach - Coffee and Cake Afternoon (Added 26-Feb-2019)
  • Newsletter 15th February (Added 15-Feb-2019)
  • World Book Day 2019 (Added 15-Feb-2019)
  • Yr 2 - Pond Lane walk (Added 15-Feb-2019)
  • PODS Quiz Night (Added 14-Feb-2019)
  • Charity Cake Sale - February (Added 14-Feb-2019)
  • KS1 SATs Information Meeting 2019 (Added 11-Feb-2019)
  • Tombola Mufti Day 1 (Added 08-Feb-2019)
  • PODS Newsletter - February 2019 (Added 06-Feb-2019)
  • Science Week Workshop (Added 24-Jan-2019)
  • Lodge Hill - Payment and Forms (Added 18-Jan-2019)
  • Newsletter 18th January (Added 18-Jan-2019)
  • Reception - Plumpton College Farm Trip (Added 17-Jan-2019)
  • KS2 SATs Information Meeting (Added 08-Jan-2019)
  • Learning Together Year 2 (Added 08-Jan-2019)
  • End of Autumn Term (Added 19-Dec-2018)
  • Party Day in School (Added 07-Dec-2018)
  • Newsletter 7th December (Added 07-Dec-2018)
  • Antibullying Questionnaire (Added 04-Dec-2018)
  • Letter from the Governors (Added 28-Nov-2018)
  • Topic Celebration (Added 28-Nov-2018)
  • PODS Christmas Crafts (Added 23-Nov-2018)
  • Newsletter 23rd November (Added 23-Nov-2018)
  • Christmas Design Orders (Added 22-Nov-2018)
  • Newsletter 9th November (Added 09-Nov-2018)
  • Anti-Bullying Week (Added 09-Nov-2018)
  • Rainbow Theatre (Added 08-Nov-2018)
  • Topic Celebration Autumn (Added 06-Nov-2018)
  • Children In Need (Added 05-Nov-2018)
  • School Photographs (Added 31-Oct-2018)
  • Dance Days Workshop (Added 30-Oct-2018)
  • Cake Sale (Added 17-Oct-2018)
  • Behaviour Reward System (Added 17-Oct-2018)
  • School Disco (Added 16-Oct-2018)
  • Newsletter 12th October (Added 15-Oct-2018)
  • Funding Campaign update (Added 11-Oct-2018)
  • Junior Christmas Carol Concert (Added 08-Oct-2018)
  • School Photographs (Added 04-Oct-2018)
  • Hindleap Warren Final Letter (Added 03-Oct-2018)
  • Lodge Hill - Initial Letter (Added 02-Oct-2018)
  • SIMS Parent Lite App (Added 01-Oct-2018)
  • Consent for Photos (Added 01-Oct-2018)
  • Newsletter 28th September (Added 28-Sep-2018)
  • Nut Allergies (Added 27-Sep-2018)
  • Secondary Schools - Information (Added 26-Sep-2018)
  • PODS News (Added 25-Sep-2018)
  • Harvest 2018 (Added 25-Sep-2018)
  • Newsletter 14th September (Added 14-Sep-2018)
  • Diary Dates for 2018/19 (Added 14-Sep-2018)

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