Class R

Turnips and other Vegetables

27  Jan  2017

This week in Reception we have been reading the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’. We acted out the story in our classes and we took turns to be the different characters. The best part was, they had to pull so hard, that they all fell over!

We have been very busy exploring the shapes, size and weight of ‘real’ turnips. Thank goodness we didn’t find one like the one in the story because the ‘real ‘ ones were very, very, very heavy!We had real ‘onions’, sprouts, potatoes and carrots to explore too!


In Maths we used scales to see if we could balance them with the other vegetables! It took twelve potatoes to balance with one turnip! There wasn’t enough space in one side of the scale for the number of sprouts we needed to make the scales balance with the turnip! We discovered that the turnips were definitely the heaviest of them all.




Our teachers cut up the vegetables and in the Literacy room we wrote letters and ‘hotwords’ on the potatoes with paint and printed them on to paper!

In the Discovery room we used the vegetables to make our own printing patterns on paper and paper plates! We practised sketching the vegetables and learned how to ‘shade’ them with a pencil.


We are learning about what happens to the vegetables when you leave them for a while. We have been looking carefully through microscopes to see the changes and some have already begun to change! After a discussion we agreed that some had become a little bit black in places. One person said they have turned ‘crinkly’ just like being in the bath for a long time!




We have taken photographs of these every few days so that we can put them altogether and see the changes that have happened.

Next week we shall be doing some more work with the vegetables and finding out where they come from!





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