Class R

Time for Jam Sandwiches!

03  Nov  2017

Hello again!  We hope you have had a good half-term break and are ready for Autumn Term 2!

The next few weeks will be very busy in Reception, with Christmas coming very soon! The children have been telling us about their holiday and about the things they have been doing. They have noticed how early it is getting dark and the ‘dark’ has been a real area of interest for them.

Following the children’s interests, we planned to incorporate the story ‘Peace at Last!’ The children have really engaged with this story and we decided to link this work to ‘time’. We began by looking at looking at pictures of night time and all the things we could see. Owls, bats, hedgehogs, prowling cats, the moon and stars really sparked their interest. This led to discussion about nocturnal animals which the children have really enjoyed learning about.

The story is about a family of bears and the father bear not being able to sleep because of all the noises he can hear outside and inside the house. Our work this week has linked to this. The children have explored sounds in the environment using ‘push, listen and talk’ buttons, where they have been able to record a collection of their own sounds.

In Maths we have sequenced pictures of different times during our day and looked at the o'clock times. E.g. When we wake up, go to school, have lunch, home time and bedtime, and recorded these.

We have been learning about ‘instructions’ and what they mean. We followed instructions in how to make a jam sandwich. Later, we had to give our teachers instructions on how to clean their teeth.  This was really funny because they didn’t do it very well!  When we talked about this together, we soon understood how clear each instruction had to be.

We are already looking forward to what might be on the agenda for next week.  We will keep you posted.




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