Class R

The Elves and the Shoemaker

10  Feb  2017

This week in Reception we have been listening to the story ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker.’

We have been doing lots of different activities inside and outside the Early Years classrooms.

In the Discovery Room and outside, we have been drawing a variety of different styles of shoes, some were real shoes and some were pictures of footwear of all sorts! We even made our own designs for clothes for the Elves, because at first they didn’t have any of their own! We used stencils to draw around a body shape then cut them out. Then we drew around the body and made trousers, shirts, skirts and dresses, hats and shoes that we could hang on to these with little tabs. Some of us spent a lot of time designing patterns for the outfits!

In the Maths room we have been measuring our feet and shoes using a variety of measuring resources. We have had a shoe shop in our classroom with shoe boxes and shoes and have been practising buying these with money. We have been learning about all the different coins, shapes and colours of money and have used lots of pennies for counting.

In the Literacy room we have been writing letters to the Elves and putting them in envelopes for them to collect! This was in response to a letter the Elves had left us in our classrooms. Some of us even wrote to the Elves to see if they would make us our very own pair of shoes!

We even watched a video of the Elves visiting our classrooms at night when we had gone home! One of them was laying down on the Teacher’s whiteboard with one of our pencils in his hand! Whatever next?!

We are all wondering what they might get up to at the weekend!!!










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