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Hello everyone! A very warm welcome from us ALL in Reception.

Here at Durrington Infants School we have three Reception Classes: Caterpillars, Dragonflies and Butterflies.

Our Reception Team plan together, to provide fun, rich, hands-on activities within a safe and stimulating, learning environment, one which promotes learning for every child in our care.

All our children are able to access quality resources and engage in a wide range of activities across the unit. These are carefully arranged in defined areas of learning, relevant to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

They will take part in whole class, small group and individual activities and will also have time to initiate their own learning through play.

We value the role that parents play in education and look forward to working in partnership with you. We look forward to teaching and supporting your child in their learning and their learning journey through our school.

The Reception Team.

“There are so many fun things to play with in this class” – Tahlia
“It’s my favourite place” – Sophie

Latest Curriculum Topics List

To see the planning for this year group, please look at ‘curriculum’ in the information pages of this site.

04 Dec 2018

The Christmas Story

We have so enjoyed the new story we have listened to this week ‘The Christmas Story!’

We have been learning about all the different characters and what happens in the story. We have talked together about how people in different parts of the world celebrate special events too.There are families everywhere in the world, who have special customs and traditions at different times of the year that they enjoy just like we do.

We are getting so excited, it’s not long until Christmas and there is so much to do!

In the Literacy room we have been taking extra special care with our handwriting for the special things we are making.

In the maths room we have been making paper chains of different lengths and counting each link in the chain! When we put on another link we have to add one more to the ones we have already made! We are getting really good at adding.

In the Discovery room we have started to make our Christmas cards. SHssH! We don’t want to say too much, but we are enjoying using the gold and silver pens, glitter, sequins and glue!

It was such good fun outside, we have our very own stable, manger and star and we like to take turns to role-play all the characters from the Christmas story. We like being the animals to.

We are busy learning lots of Christmas songs for our Christmas performance for all our families. There are so many songs and we can sing them all!

We can’t wait for you to see our performance, you will be so proud of us!


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05 Nov 2018

Winnie the Witch

In Reception we have been very busy! What an exciting time we are having! The children have been so excited about Halloween activities they have had at home, and the various parties they have attended.

In class we decided to include the ‘Winnie the Witch’ stories with relevance to our topic ‘Stories and Rhyme’ this term. It’s been a really ‘magical time’!

In the Literacy room we have been writing spells using our knowledge of letters and sounds which we have learned in school.

In the maths room we have explored 3D shapes and made ‘Witch’ pictures with 2D shapes! We have been counting lots of spiders, mice, rats and stars. Our teachers were really scared because there were so many of them everywhere!

In the Discovery room we made our very own spells. We put letters, numbers and lots of spiders and ‘spooky’ skeletons into a huge cauldron to see what would come out! Some of us were even able to build words from all the ingredients in the cauldron. It was very tricky because there was a huge spider web covering the cauldron.

It was such good fun outside, we were drawing lots of Halloween pictures on black paper, labelling them and then used torches to read the words we had written. We really loved pouring all the sparkly, glittery potions we chose but we had to identify the letters on the bottles before we could put them in the cauldron!

We can’t wait to find out what we will be doing next week. Will keep you posted.

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12 Oct 2018


We are continuing with our work based on the story ‘Harry and the bucketful of Dinosaurs.’

This week in the Discovery Room we have been searching for dinosaurs in the ‘foam'. The foam looked like a large swamp, which we found out that dinosaurs like to ‘bathe’ in!  We even wrote the letters we had been learning in class in the swamp!  We got really messy but it was great fun! During the week we also had to ‘chip away’ at large, solid blocks of ice to see what might be hidden inside! Guess what we found, - more dinosaurs, and some were really large! We were very good at counting the dinosaurs after all the ice had melted!

In the Maths Room we have been playing ‘dinosaur counting games’, ordering numbers of dinosaurs and looking at how many ways we can arrange a group of five of them.  You wouldn’t believe how many different ways you can do this with only five! 

In the Literacy Room we made up names for our dinosaurs just like Harry did in the story. It was good fun naming them, we then wrote their names on special labels.  We thought of names beginning with the letters we have been learning in class and made really good attempts at forming the letters carefully! We have been practising writing these letters in class, some can be quite tricky!

We can’t wait to see what we shall be doing next week!



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01 Oct 2018

Welcome to Reception

Just to say a very BIG THANK YOU to all parents of our Reception children for supporting our transition into school! We are delighted to say, they are really settling well and enjoying each day as they begin to get familiar  with new routines. They are confidently accessing activities both inside and outside the Reception unit. They have been especially excited by our ‘soft play’ equipment, and so far the weather has been really kind to us!

So many new things to learn and to get used to.  Making new friends, lunch times, lunchtime play and so many new faces.  We are so proud of them for taking this all in their stride.

This week we are becoming more familiar with the characters in our reading books, and we have been learning new letters and their sounds in class! We have shared literacy, number and creative activities. We are getting to know each other, and have had discussions about how we are feeling in our new classes. We have a very special class ‘cuddly’ called ‘Jigsaw Jenny’ which we pass her around the circle during carpet times. Everyone has time to share their feelings and any worries they might have, with everyone.

We also had our class photographs taken and can’t wait to see them in the local newspaper.

Next week we are going to be making something very messy! We can’t wait to find out what that will be?



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13 Jul 2018

Looking Back

Hello again from Reception!

Yet again, we are so proud of all our children in Reception! On a very warm summer’s evening, the children were so proud to welcome you all into our school, to celebrate their amazing achievements throughout the year.

They were eager to share their ‘journey’ by looking through their Learning Journals with you and celebrating their hard work and the progress they have made. What a ‘fitting’ end to their Reception year as they sang with so much confidence for you all in the hall. Obviously the songs we sang were related to their topic this term ‘Minibeasts.’ The ‘cycle’ in their Reception year is coming to an end and now they are ready to ‘fly’, just as the ‘minibeasts’ cycles we have observed over the past term. Soon they will be beginning the next part of their journey into Year 1.

Although saying ‘goodbye’ is tinged with sadness for us, we wish each and every one of them well for the next part of their journey.

We would also like to say a ‘HUGE’ thank you to all our parents who have been so kind and supportive across the year.

Hope to see you all again in the new Autumn Term.

With our very best wishes to you all from,

The Reception Team.


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