Class R

Nurse Visit

27  May  2016

This week in Reception, we have been learning about Doctors and Nurses! We even had a visit from a real 'Nurse!' It was great fun and he brought lots of things from the hospital to show us. There was a real stethoscope, which we all had a turn to wear, bandages and plasters and a whole bag of medical equipment.


We asked him questions about his job and he told us that he puts special plaster casts on broken bones! When children need a special plaster at the hospital, he gives them a sticker and even a teddy! You can even choose your own special colour for your plaster cast! Miss Baker had a real one put on her arm while we watched! it was a very messy process! She couldn't wear it for very long because it would have been too difficult to take off! It's very special, it is just like a very thick bandage at first. When you add water to it, it goes sloppy and has to be moulded, then left to dry hard! Luckily for Miss Baker, the nurse cut it off with a special pair of scissors before it went too hard. Miss Baker thought she wouldn't be able to drive home!


In groups everyone was allowed to practise bandaging each others arms!


Before the Nurse went home he left us lots of bandages and plasters so we've been busy bandaging all our animals in our vets role play area! Thank you for coming Nurse Bugden, we really enjoyed it and thank you for all the lovely things you gave us for our vet surgery!

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