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03  May  2016

In Reception we have had a really busy week! This week as part of our topic "people who help us', we began by writing a letter! We could write to our parents or ourselves and then put it in an envelope and post it to our homes! We learned how important it is to know our address, just incase we ever got lost! We would be able to tell a police man so they could make sure we got home safely! We learned that we put a stamp on a letter too! If we posted it into a letter box without one it wouldn't get there! It helps to pay all the people that work at the post office.

We also learned about the different journey letters and parcel have to make before they get to their final destination! When the postman collects them from the post box, they are put into the van and taken to the sorting office! Lots of people work there, sorting all the letters and parcels and where they are going to. Some are taken by road, by train, by boat and even by aeroplane!

Class by class, we all walked to the Post box in Salvington Road with our teachers to post our letters home. It was a lovely sunny day and so much fun! We were so sensible when we walked down the road, and we knew our school would be really proud of us!

The 'icing on the cake' was when our letters we had written, dropped through our very own letterboxes at home!

We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Conway. He came in to talk to us and answer questions about his job as a Postman. He even gave us some posters about' a journey of a letter' and our very own Royal Mail Post Bag! Thank you Mr.Conway!






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