Class R


23  May  2016

What a week in Reception! As part of our topic 'People who help us', we have been learning about Mechanics! In the Discovery Room on Tuesday morning there was a real engine, safety goggles, screwdrivers, spanners, screws, nuts and bolts! We have spent this week exploring all the moving parts in the engine, taking it apart and putting it back together! We are getting so good at carefully putting in screws and tightening them up! Our teacher's say it will help us with our writing too, because it helps us to develop the muscles in our hands and fingers! Because we tightened the screws so carefully we will become really good at doing very neat handwriting!

We got to wear real safety goggles too, just like the grown-up mechanics! We have to wear these to protect our eyes while we are working. Our teacher said she was so proud of how sensible and grown-up we were! Of course we wrote a list of all the tools a mechanic needs too! We enjoyed it so much that we can keep the engine for next week! Aaron said he was going to be a mechanic when he grows up. He said he would fix his mum's car when it breaks down and then she wouldn't have to pay for expensive repairs!

Outside, we used the wooden blocks to build our own vehicles and we used real tyres for the wheels!

We have made our own personalised number plates in the Literacy Room, we've been issuing MOT certificates and doing checks on vehicles and ticking all the parts that passed, writing crosses for parts that failed! Of course we had enough Mechanics to fix these afterwards!






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