Class R

Farm Trip

30  Mar  2017

After a very 'soggy' start the weather finally changed for the 'better!' It was cold and very windy, but the rain finally stopped! Nothing was going to stop us enjoying our amazing visit to the farm!


The coaches arrived on time and we were ready for our very first school trip. Everyone was ready to go, and getting on the coach filled us all with excitement! When we arrived Farmer Jenny was there, ready to greet us. We all went into the big barn and she told us all about the farm. We could ask lots of questions and Farmer Jenny was really good at answering them. She told us all about the special coloured dye which they put on to the sheep and their babies so that they never get lost! We learned all about where our meat comes from and all the things the animals like to eat.

After our chat, we were able to wander through the huge barns and see the sheep and baby lambs. We even saw some lambs being born! There were so many sheep we lost count!





We then moved on to the barn with the cows and their calves. They were very noisy! Even noisier than us! We saw some baby piglets which kept running in and out of their little shed, some hens and a very large cockerel with beautiful coloured feathers.



After looking at all the animals the tractors and trailers came to collect us for our ride around the farm. When we got on the trailers we were able to sit on bales of hay! Once we were all settled, off we went! What an exciting ride! It was so bumpy and we slowly climbed the hills of the farm and could see right out to the sea! We could see for miles and the views were lovely! On our journey we saw more sheep and cows out in the fields and we waved as we went by.



It was a very long, bumpy ride and everyone enjoyed it!



The time went so quickly and when we got off the trailers it was time to go back to school. We thanked 'Farmer Jenny' for our wonderful visit and made our way back to the coaches. The coach drivers were so kind and friendly, even though they could see all the muddy boots climbing up the steps of the coach! They didn't mind at all! They even commented on how polite we all were! We were so tired on our way back to school that some of us fell asleep! Luckily, it wasn't the teachers!

Thank you to all our Mummy helpers, Farmer Jenny and everyone who helped to make our day so enjoyable. We will always remember our very first school trip as a very special 'memory.'

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