Class R

Fairy Tales

18  Nov  2016

'In Reception we have started 'Fairy Tales' as part of our topic. This week we have been concentrating on the story 'Hansel and Gretel.'

What a busy week we have had!

In Literacy we have listened to the story, and learned about story structure. We talked about story beginnings, characters plot and endings! We have been thinking of words to describe 'the Witch' and attempted to write down the sounds we could here in these.

In Maths we have been counting 'pebbles' which Hansel left in the woods to help him, and his sister Gretel to find their way home! We made a pathway using 20 pebbles and 'counted on more' when we wanted to make it even longer! If we took some away, we discovered it made the pathways shorter!


In the Discovery Area, inside and outside, we made our own sweets and lollipops to decorate the Gingerbread House! In the 'Theatre' area, we took turns to role play the story and dress up as the different story characters.



Everyone in Reception learned about the purpose of a 'recipe.' We all spent a long time measuring out and mixing the ingredients to make a 'Gingerbread Man.' We used special 'Gingerbread Men' cutters to cut them out after rolling the dough. We baked them and then had great fun decorating them with 'chocolate chips, tiny gold baubles (which made great buttons) and tiny marshmallows. We can't wait to take them home and eat them!




We are all wondering which 'Fairy Tale' we will be learning about next week! Watch this space!!!

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