Class R

Daffodils, Cress, Peas and Carrots!

14  Mar  2018

Hello again from Reception.

This week has been so busy already!

We have been discussing our trip to the Farm and are getting really excited! Our teachers have been telling us all about the lovely things we shall be able to see and do there. Not too long to wait now!

We have been enjoying the spring flowers and drawing some daffodils.

In the Literacy room we have been writing our own ‘Farm shop’ shopping lists. We made really good attempts at spelling the words we needed. One person in our class even had a go at writing ‘asparagus’ and ‘aubergine’! They wrote all the sounds they could hear and could even read it back.

In the maths room we have been using carrots and peas to make number ‘addition and subtraction’ sentences! Outside, we found number sentences in the straw! We had to look carefully at the signs + and - to work out the correct answers.

In the Discovery Room we have been planting ‘cress’ seeds in paper cups. We put damp cotton wool in the cup and sprinkled the seeds on the top. We decorated our cups with lots of lovely ‘crafty’ things and made these look like faces. Now we are going to watch the cress grow and make sure they have plenty of sunlight and water. Outside we have planted our daffodil bulbs and potatoes. There are four different varieties even though they looked the same! Our teachers told us that we would find out the difference when the potatoes have grown and we cook them! We wonder what that might mean? We will find out though.

The countdown to our Farm visit starts now!








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