Class R

Christmas is Coming

05  Dec  2017

Hello again! We have been so busy in Reception! We have been reading the fairy tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ Jack’s mummy must have been so cross that he sold their cow for some ‘magic beans’! We think that when she threw them out of the window, some must have blown over to our school! When we arrived in school there was a huge beanstalk growing through our classrooms!

We’ve had lots of fun, we have the Giant’s castle in the Discovery room, a harp and a hen with a golden egg! We even had some green soup for the Giant! We thought of lots of exciting words to describe what it felt like when we mixed it with our hands! We have really enjoyed acting out the story! We have been writing the about the Giant and making story maps in the Literacy room! In the maths room we have been counting golden eggs and matching them to numbers! We even noticed there was a huge footprint on our classroom floor, it certainly wasn’t any of ours or our teachers because we measured and compared them! Outside we used wellington boots of different sizes to make our own Giant footprints with paint on giant sized paper!

Of course we have been practising our Christmas concert and it won’t be long now until we take part in our first performance! We have been measured for costumes, learned our lines and the words for all the songs! We can’t wait to share it with you all!

Christmas is coming we are so excited!!!!


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