Class R

Building Bridges

21  Nov  2017

Hello again! We have been very busy in Reception yet again! We have been discussing ‘Bridges’ this week relevant to our story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff!’ We have also drawn some excellent pictures of the Troll who lived under the bridge, looking carefully at the Troll from the story. We drew our own Trolls then compared them with the original picture. When we looked really closely, there were some details that we hadn’t included. When we did add these our drawings were even better than they were before! Our teachers said we were amazing artists! We have been practising our writing using a Troll as a ‘Wanted’ poster and thinking of words to describe him and writing them down. We have also been practising our addition and subtraction skills using goats crossing a bridge!

Apart from the bridge in the story, you wouldn’t believe how many different types of bridges there are and we have been learning all about them! We know why bridges have to be built but the style is very important too for all the different jobs they have to do! We learned the names of different types of bridges including ‘arched’ and ‘suspension bridges!’ Lots of us have been building our own using different construction and modelling resources. One of the children in Reception made a really detailed bridge using straws carefully joining all the parts together!

We have been practising singing all the songs we are learning for the Christmas concert. Our teachers are so pleased with us, we nearly know all the words and there are a lot of them! Now we are thinking about all the different characters in the Christmas story and trying to decide the parts we would like to play! We wonder what will be on the agenda for next week!

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