Class R

Another Busy Week

28  Nov  2016

We have been so busy this week!We have been reading the fairy story ‘Little Red Riding Hood!’ You wouldn’t believe that Big, Bad Wolf!

Red Riding Hood went to visit her Grandmother who lived deep in the forest. Grandma had been feeling a bit ‘under the weather’ so she decided to bake her some cakes and take them to her. We have been helping bake the cakes at school so she had plenty to keep her going!



On her way through the forest, Red Riding Hood met a wolf. He asked her where she was going and Red Riding Hood, very politely told him she was on her way to her Grandma’s to take her some cakes because she was feeling poorly!In class we had a big discussion about why we should NEVER, EVER talk to strangers and now we know why!The wolf had seemed very friendly and kind but we soon found out that he wasn’ta very nice character at all!When Red Riding Hood arrived at her Grandma’s cottage, her Grandma had disappeared and he had pretended to be Grandma!It’s a jolly good thing that the woodcutter was nearby and could hear all the commotion! He helped Red Riding Hood to find her Grandma and chased the wolf away, never to be seen again!

In class we have been role-playing the story and making baskets filled with lots of things for Grandma that she’d like to eat. Outside it was really windy, so we explored our windy-day box. We made lots of things to blow in the wind and had great fun running around the playground watching them fill with air and some even floated away!

We made ‘Wanted’ posters to put on trees to ask for help to find that Big, Bad Wolf! We had to think of words to describe him, and we even had a go at writing them all by ourselves because we have learned so many letters and sounds!Let’s hope someone spots him soon!

Grandma had a very special cake from the children in Reception. We made a magic ‘rhyming cake!’ We had to put in different potions for the cake ingredients and after we mixed them words came out of the pot! We had to think of a word that rhymed with these to make our special rhyming cake!

In the Maths room and outside, we have been busy weighing apples for Grandma and learning how to make them balance on the scales.It was quite tricky because although we had three apples in one side of the scales, when we put three in the other side they still didn’t balance! After a lot of discussion and thinking, we worked out why! It was because the apples were different sizes, some were ‘heavier’ and some were ‘lighter’ than others. We soon worked out what to do. We found apples which were the same size until the scales balanced exactly!Phew! What a lot of thinking!



We are looking forward to next week, we will be practising our Christmas Concert and learning lots of Christmas songs!

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