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Hello everyone! A very warm welcome from us ALL in Reception.

Here at Durrington Infants School we have three Reception Classes: Caterpillars, Dragonflies and Butterflies.

Our Reception Team plan together, to provide fun, rich, hands-on activities within a safe and stimulating, learning environment, one which promotes learning for every child in our care.

All our children are able to access quality resources and engage in a wide range of activities across the unit. These are carefully arranged in defined areas of learning, relevant to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

They will take part in whole class, small group and individual activities and will also have time to initiate their own learning through play.

We value the role that parents play in education and look forward to working in partnership with you. We look forward to teaching and supporting your child in their learning and their learning journey through our school.

The Reception Team.

“There are so many fun things to play with in this class” – Tahlia
“It’s my favourite place” – Sophie

Latest Curriculum Topics List

To see the planning for this year group, please look at ‘curriculum’ in the information pages of this site.

01 Apr 2019

Farms and Weddings

Wow, what a wonderful finale to our topic. On Friday we had ‘The Scarecrow’s Wedding’ to celebrate our learning about ‘The Farm’

We have so enjoyed our topic this term and along with our amazing visit to ‘Plumpton College Farm’, this was a lovely story to end upon. Thank you to all parents, who have tirelessly supported us. The children looked fantastic in their Farm attire. We really appreciate the hard work you have put in for their costumes. Thank you all, so much!

We had Scarecrow’s, animals, wedding guest attire, farmers and even a policeman at the wedding celebration! The children and staff have all really enjoyed it. After the marriage of ‘Harry and Betty’,  we all settled down to have a ‘wedding breakfast’ and a ‘hoe-down’ in our barn! Yee-Hah! (The school hall!).

We wish you all a very happy Easter holiday and look forward to seeing you all next term.





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06 Mar 2019

Maths Day

Lots of children came into school with their maths hats on today, and there was also the opportunity to make another one in the classes.

Number and shape activities were available all day, inside and out, including tracing numbers, colouring numbers and shapes, adding up & taking away sums and lots of dice games.

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04 Mar 2019

Farms, Pancakes and Books

Welcome back to everyone and hope you enjoyed the half term holiday!

We have been working hard in Reception, continuing with our topic about the ‘Farm.’

This week will be very exciting because we have three important events! We have our World Book Day ‘Bedtime Challenge’ and the children are so excited about a special day reading lots of stories, discussing our favourite ones, and doing lots of activities related to these. We can’t wait to see how many books we can read for the competition!

We have chosen one to begin with called ‘Mr. Wolfe’s Pancakes!’ Of course this week, it will be Pancake day! Reception children will have the opportunity to make their very own Pancakes in the Discovery Room.

In the Maths Room we will be measuring all the ingredients needed and in the Literacy Room we shall be writing a list of the ingredients for pancakes and order a list of instructions in how to make them. We will let you know how well we do when we come to ‘toss’ them!

Outside in the water tray we will ‘fish out a picture’ of a character from the story and describe it to a friend without them seeing it. They have to guess who it is from the descriptions we give! We shall be making our very own story map and cut out the characters from the story and tell the story by putting them into a sequence of events along the way! We will ‘have a go’ at writing the names for the characters and all the other drawings we do to create the story. Some of us will attempt to write simple sentences about the events.

We have an exciting Maths day planned too! We shall be exploring maths resources and counting the holes in the Numicon plates. We will place them into buckets with the labels ‘most’/fewest, more and less! We are so excited about making number sentences using the ‘Number Ladder’ Game!

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04 Dec 2018

The Christmas Story

We have so enjoyed the new story we have listened to this week ‘The Christmas Story!’

We have been learning about all the different characters and what happens in the story. We have talked together about how people in different parts of the world celebrate special events too.There are families everywhere in the world, who have special customs and traditions at different times of the year that they enjoy just like we do.

We are getting so excited, it’s not long until Christmas and there is so much to do!

In the Literacy room we have been taking extra special care with our handwriting for the special things we are making.

In the maths room we have been making paper chains of different lengths and counting each link in the chain! When we put on another link we have to add one more to the ones we have already made! We are getting really good at adding.

In the Discovery room we have started to make our Christmas cards. SHssH! We don’t want to say too much, but we are enjoying using the gold and silver pens, glitter, sequins and glue!

It was such good fun outside, we have our very own stable, manger and star and we like to take turns to role-play all the characters from the Christmas story. We like being the animals to.

We are busy learning lots of Christmas songs for our Christmas performance for all our families. There are so many songs and we can sing them all!

We can’t wait for you to see our performance, you will be so proud of us!


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05 Nov 2018

Winnie the Witch

In Reception we have been very busy! What an exciting time we are having! The children have been so excited about Halloween activities they have had at home, and the various parties they have attended.

In class we decided to include the ‘Winnie the Witch’ stories with relevance to our topic ‘Stories and Rhyme’ this term. It’s been a really ‘magical time’!

In the Literacy room we have been writing spells using our knowledge of letters and sounds which we have learned in school.

In the maths room we have explored 3D shapes and made ‘Witch’ pictures with 2D shapes! We have been counting lots of spiders, mice, rats and stars. Our teachers were really scared because there were so many of them everywhere!

In the Discovery room we made our very own spells. We put letters, numbers and lots of spiders and ‘spooky’ skeletons into a huge cauldron to see what would come out! Some of us were even able to build words from all the ingredients in the cauldron. It was very tricky because there was a huge spider web covering the cauldron.

It was such good fun outside, we were drawing lots of Halloween pictures on black paper, labelling them and then used torches to read the words we had written. We really loved pouring all the sparkly, glittery potions we chose but we had to identify the letters on the bottles before we could put them in the cauldron!

We can’t wait to find out what we will be doing next week. Will keep you posted.

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