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Durrington Infant and Junior Federated Schools

Infant and Junior Schools


Senior Leadership Team

Name Role


Mrs Sara Ensor Co-Headteacher

Likes sunny days and eating out.
Dislikes rain and cold weather.

Mrs Zoe Wilby Co-Headteacher

Likes reading crime novels and crafting.
Dislikes asparagus.

Mr Mike Lewis Deputy Headteacher

Likes playing cricket and taking his children to the cinema.
Dislikes traffic jams.

Mrs Sarah Hankin Assistant Headteacher

Likes walks in the woods and Disney films.

Dislikes nutty chocolate.

Phase Leaders

Name Role


Mrs Ali Champion-West EYFS Phase Leader and Reception Class Teacher

Likes good manners, rugby, star gazing and chocolate.
Dislikes sprouts and sad faces.

Ms Sharon Hill KS1 Phase Leader and Year 2 Class Teacher

Likes cats and the colour purple.
Dislikes broad beans.

Mrs Lynne Pearce Lower KS2 Phase Leader and Year 3 Class Teacher

Likes animals, especially rabbits and guinea pigs, and eating out.

Dislikes chocolate cake.

Mrs Suzanne Carroll Upper KS2 Phase Leader and Year 6 Class Teacher

Likes dogs, parrots and walking on the beach.
Dislikes chocolate.

Teaching Staff

Name Role


Miss Juley Edwards Nursery Teacher

Likes monkeys and spaghetti bolognese.
Dislikes getting up in the morning.

Mrs Debbie Bourne Reception Class Teacher

Likes drawing, art and walking her two dogs.
Dislikes very busy shopping centres.

Miss Laura Trimble Reception Class Teacher

Likes going on holiday and watching Disney films.
Dislikes tomatoes

Mrs Sarah Rickwood Year 1 Class Teacher

Likes animals and good food.
Dislikes tomatoes.

Miss Charley Dixon Year 1 Class Teacher

Likes chocolate, shopping and spending time with friends and family.
Dislikes rainy days and spiders.

Mrs Jo Grove Year 1 Class Teacher

Likes reading, travelling and running.
Dislikes wet playtimes.

Mrs Sarah Roy Year 2 Class Teacher

Likes friendly, happy people and eating out.
Dislikes heights.

Miss Olivia Willows Year 2 Class Teacher

Likes reading and the colour green.
Dislikes early mornings.

Mrs Kasia Watson Year 3 Class Teacher

Likes rugby and horses.
Dislikes bad grammar.

Miss Lee Hooper Year 3 Class Teacher

Likes chocolate, PE and anything purple.
Dislikes jam.

Miss Holly Wilkinson Year 3 Class Teacher

Likes cats and watching Disney films.
Dislikes marmite.

Mr Christopher Squire Year 4 Class Teacher and Reading Subject Leader Likes Star Trek and visiting Cornwall.
Dislikes marmite.
Mr Dominic Cranfield Year 4 Class Teacher

Likes pineapple on pizza, drama and reading.

Dislikes anchovies.

Miss Beth Gudgeon Year 4 Class Teacher

Likes cooking and Harry Potter.

Dislikes the rain.

Mrs Andrea Bray Year 5 Class Teacher and Writing Subject Leader

Likes sci-fi, cross stitching and dog walks.
Dislikes cucumber.

Miss Shelley Clarke Year 5 Class Teacher

Likes going on holiday and spending time with family.
Dislikes rudeness.

Mr Owen English Year 5 Class Teacher

Likes football, geography and chocolate.

Dislikes tea.

Mr Grant Melvin Year 6 Class Teacher and Maths Subject Leader

Likes golf, football and supports Chelsea.

Dislikes the cold, marmite and early mornings.

Mrs Sally Campion Beach (SSC) - Teacher in Charge

Likes cats, chocolate and reading.
Dislikes olives and the cold.

Mrs Heather Collins

Intervention Support Teacher

Likes waterfalls and smiles.
Dislikes mashed potato.

Learning Support Assistants

Name Role
Mrs Carol Denby Nursery Nurse
Mrs Fiona Williams Nursery LSA
Mrs Clair Beamish LSA
Mrs Elaine Froggatt LSA
Mrs Anila Gashi LSA
Mrs Madds Green LSA
Miss Claire Hawkins LSA
Mrs Claire Jarman LSA
Mrs Angela Jeffery-Norton LSA
Miss Charlotte Johnson LSA
Mrs Mo Kelly LSA
Mrs Lynda Moore LSA
Mrs Kate Moorman LSA
Miss Beth Owen LSA
Mrs Carolyn Payne LSA
Mrs Sally Rayfield LSA
Miss Becki Reed LSA
Mrs Polly Shaw LSA
Miss Claire Sprake LSA
Mrs Ursula Stockley LSA
Mrs Paula Thomas LSA
Miss Zoki Tsoi LSA
Mrs Pauline Tugwell LSA
Mrs Karen Upperton LSA
Mrs Sue Wild LSA
Mrs Kym Wood LSA
Mr Dave Alderton Special Support Centre SSA
Ms Nina Bagnall Special Support Centre SSA
Miss Helen Canning Special Support Centre SSA
Miss Kathryn Hingston

Special Support Centre SSA

Mrs Elaine Mayers Special Support Centre SSA
Mrs Eloise Newman-Smith Special Support Centre SSA

Support Staff

Name Role
Mrs Teresa Edgley School Business Manager and Data Protection Officer
Mrs Julia Cook PA to the Co-Headteachers and Clerk to the Governing Body
Mrs Jane Cresswell SENCO
Mrs Amanda Beadle Lead HLTA and Pupil Wellbeing Manager
Mrs Filiz Deniz HLTA
Mrs Sally Croucher HLTA
Mrs Victoria Elvery HLTA
Mrs Louise Young HLTA
Miss Maria Dumbrell HLTA
Mr Mark Burroughs Learning Mentor
Mrs Helen Burgess Welfare and Attendance
Mrs Beckie Barratt Administration
Mrs Christine Busson Administration
Mrs Michelle Hole Administration
Ms Fiona Crane ICT Support Technician
Mrs Debbie Francis Library and Resources LSA
Mr Vince Butcher Premises Manager
Mr Phil Burchett Premises
Mr Steve Underhill Premises

Midday Meal Supervisors

Name Role
Mrs Sarah Jackson Lead Midday Meals Supervisor
Mrs Kulsuma Aktar Dining Hall Supervisor
Miss Debora Buckman Dining Hall Supervisor
Mrs Samantha Horgan Midday Meals Supervisor
Mrs Donna Mewton Midday Meals Supervisor
Mrs Claire Nolan Midday Meals Supervisor
Mrs Ursula Lock Midday Meals Supervisor

Breakfast & After School Club

Name Role
Mrs Sarah Coulson Breakfast Club Manager
Mrs Sue Wild After School Club Manager