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Durrington Infant and Junior Federated Schools

Infant and Junior Schools

Pupil Roles

Head Pupils

We are so proud of our Head Pupils.  This role involves the children working directly with the Senior Leadership Team to represent the school, meeting visitors, new parents and being involved in the day-to-day running of the school. Children from Year 6 decide whether they would like to put themselves forward for the role by filling in an application form, which is endorsed by their class teacher. If this application is successful, the children then give a speech to the rest of the school saying why they would be ideal for the role and why people should vote for them. A whole school vote is then held (one in the infant school and one in the junior school) and the boy and girl with the most votes is awarded the position.


Well done to Charlie and Leah, our head pupils for 2023/2024 

House Captains and Vice Captains

At Durrington, children are out into one of four houses; Salvington (red), Highdown (blue), Cissbury (yellow) and Chanctonbury (green). The children can gain house points for their house and weekly totals are announced in assemblies and put on display. There are also inter-house competitions held throughout the year, which are organised with support from the House Captains. These children also collect the weekly totals for their houses and motivate their members to gain as many house points as possible.


Our current House Captains are:

Mia FI (Chanctonbury)

Lilly (Cissbury)

Katie (Salvington)

Abbie (Highdown)

School Ambassadors

At Durrington Infant and Junior Schools our older children apply and are interviewed to gain a much sought after position of a Pupil Ambassador. Our Pupils take that extra step to follow our school values and are the ‘face’ of our school. Our Ambassadors have a very active role in the school have been allocated different aspects of school life to focus on. Year 6 Ambassadors receive blzers.

Ambassadors have to apply for their preferred role and have an interview with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and the Pastoral Team; they must be an exemplary role model for the school and have excellent attendance. Once the role is secured, the pupil will fulfil this role until they leave Durrington Infant and Junior School.


Our current School Ambassadors are:

Sophia, Mia F, Maisey, Aliya, Freya, Stephan, Grace, Milan, George, Millie-Rose, Jessica, Tom and Leila

School Council

At Durrington Infant and Junior Schools, our School Councillors have an important role to play in issues that affect the children and themselves. We value the opinions and suggestions made by pupils and encourage them to be responsible for our school. Each class elects a representative to become a member of the School Council. Through council meetings, children can put their ideas forward to ‘build a better school community.’ The School Council discusses the ideas with the Senior Leadership Team.

Minutes are taken from each meeting and the Councillors are given time to feedback to their class.

Being a School Councillor provides the children with an opportunity to learn real-life skills, take on responsibilities and be involved in decision meeting. 

Click on the links below for more information:

School Council AimsSchool Council ResponsibilitiesLeadership SkillsCode of Conduct

Our current School Councillors are:

  • Y1 – Aria, Ava H and Skye   
  • Y2 – Jake, Jessica T and Penelope      
  • Y3 – Daniel, Isobel and Kobey      
  • Y4 – Freddie, George and Maverick    
  • Y5 – Callum, Evie and Neve
  • Y6 – George R, Jenson B and Lacey 

Bank and Shop Managers

Children in the Junior School can apply to work in the school shop and bank.  Children in year 6 may apply for the role of bank and shop manager and they are responsible for opening new bank accounts, allocating daily roles to the staff and helping when needed.


Our current shop and bank workers are:

Edward, Lola M, Indie, Noal, Owen, Isla, Nala, Lola M, Monty, Lucy, Kaya, Kian, Lauren, Jasmine, Izzy, Leela, Emme, Leonard, Lorelei, Betsy, Leo.

Well done to Nathan, Leah, Lily-Angel and Julian who are this year’s bank and shop managers.

Sports Leaders

Children in Year 5 and 6 are given the opportunity to apply for the role of Sports Leader. This role gives children the opportunity to organise and run sports games and events at lunchtimes for both the infant and junior school. In addition to this, Sports Leaders help to run events after school for children, both at Durrington and at other primary schools by supporting Worthing Schools Sports Association (WSSA). Sports Leaders are not necessary the most gifted children at sport; moreover, they are children who enjoy sport, have good organisation skills and love to encourage others to try their best.