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Pupils are expected to follow the guidlines set out in the Acceptable Use Agreement.  Their teachers will show pupils how to use the school technology safely and responsibly.

  • I will only use polite language when using school technology
  • I must not write anything that might upset someone or give the school a bad name.
  • I know that my teacher will regularly check what I have done on the school technology.
  • I must not print/save any work that has not been seen by an adult first.
  • I must not tell my username and passwords to anyone else but my parents and teacher.
  • I must never use other people’s usernames and passwords or school technology left logged in by others.
  • If I think someone has learned my password then I will tell my teacher.
  • I must log off after I have finished with my school technology.
  • I will report any websites or messages that make me feel uncomfortable to my teacher.
  • I will not try to harm any equipment or the work of another person on the school technology.
  • I must not use any software or storage device from home without asking an adult first. 



SAFE: Keep safe by being careful not to give out personal information such as your name, email address, phone number, home address or school name to people online without your parents knowing.

MEETING: Meeting someone you have only been in touch with online can be dangerous.  Only do so with your parent’s or carer’s permission and even then only when they can be with you.

ACCEPTING: Accepting emails or opening files, pictures or texts from people you don’t know or trust can lead to problems – they may contain viruses or nasty messages.

RELIABLE: Someone on line may be lying about who they are and information you find on the internet may not be reliable.

TELL: Tell your parents, carer or trusted adult if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried.

 Online Safety Newsletter

Keep up to date with the latest online safety news by reading our monthly Online Safety Newsletter created in partnership with Knowsley City Learning Centres.

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WakeUpWednesday: What Parents and Carers Need to Know about ...

 Here are some of safety guides and resources from National Online Safety.  There are many more guides and resources available from their website.

Information Advice and Tips



 Upsetting Content

 Setting BoundariesTop Tips for Setting Boundaries Around Gaming

 Financial Scams

 Data Backups


 Wellbeing Online


 Money Muling









Apps / Social Media



 Sharing PhotosSharing Photos Online

 Live StreamingWhat Parents and Carers Need to Know about Live Streaming







 AI Virtual Friends







Gaming Guides


 EA Sports FC 24EA Sports FC 24, the spiritual successor to FIFA which is likely to be a similarly spectacular hit among young football fans.

 Among Us









Other Resources

The NSPCC website tells you everything that you need to know about social media sites most used by young people including the minimum age for using their services. Click Here

Thinkuknow is the education programme from NCA-CEOP that offers advice about staying safe when using a phone, tablet or computer. Click Here

Online Safety Alliance have created an 'Online Safety for parents in 90 seconds' video. This video provides a brief summary of a number of online safety issues parents need to be aware of, including live streaming and online grooming. Click Here

Childnet International provides a whole host of useful ways to keep your child safe online. Whether you’re puzzled by parental controls or would like to know more about gaming this website has information to help. Click Here

Media Smart is a not-for-profit company that creates free educational materials for schools, teachers, parents and guardians, to help young people think critically about the advertising they come across in their daily lives. Here are their '5 social media tips for parents'. Click Here