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Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to the first year in Junior School.  We have three classes in Year 3 which are all named after stone age animals - Tiger, Bear and Mammoth.

Bear Class Teachers: Mrs Grove and Miss Phillips

Mammoth Class Teacher: Mrs Gudgridge

Tiger Class Teacher: Miss Hooper

Year 3 LSAs: Mrs Froggatt and Mrs Upperton

Our Learning Support Assistants work across the three classes.

Our classrooms are tucked away on the far side of the library in the junior school and from our classrooms we can see the school field and the Twitten field.  We enter our classrooms through the back doors. 

Our school day is slightly different to the infant school.  We start our day when the classroom doors open at 8:45am.  Break time is 10:25am – 10:40am and lunchtime is a little later, starting at 12:25pm and finishing at 1:10pm.  Our school day ends at 3:15pm when we go to the junior playground to meet parents and carers when we are dismissed.

Everyday, you will need your school bag, reading folder with reading books and reading record, your drinks bottle and your lunch (unless you are having hot school lunch). We do not get fruit provided in the junior school, so don’t forget to bring your healthy snack, e.g. a piece of fruit or vegetables, for break time too.

When you walk down the Year 3 corridor, you will enter an amazing area of learning. 


Our topics in Year 3 are:

Autumn term - 'Stone Age, Bone Age' (history focus)

Get ready to travel back in time and discover what it was like to live a nomadic life, hunting wild animals and searching for food!

Spring term - 'Into the spotlight' (science focus)

We will investigate how we get light, how shadows and reflections are formed, and carry out lots of fun science investigations whilst also immersing ourselves in the world of the circus!

Summer term - 'Around the World (geography focus)

Using the book, ‘The Boy who Biked the World’ as our inspiration, we will learn about the continents, seas and oceans, tropics and climate zones of the world before investigating and comparing the geography of the UK, Italy and North America.  


Most importantly of all, in Year 3 we aim to develop our independence and organisation skills through having fun, exploring new things and improve ourselves as life-long learners as we begin our exciting journey through Key Stage Two.

Year 3 team