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Durrington Infant and Junior Federated Schools

Infant and Junior Schools


We are committed to providing a rigorous, well planned curriculum combined with high quality teaching that ensures children are supported to be well rounded, empathetic young people who have a genuine thirst for learning. For more information please see our Curriculum Policy.

Curriculum Policy

Phonics Teaching

At Durrington Infant and Junior Schools we follow the Letters and Sounds programme of study for the order and pace of phonics teaching. Across the Infant and Junior school we use THRASS charts and resources as teaching prompts and for encouraging the children’s independence in selecting the correct phoneme or grapheme. Mrs Champion-West is our Phonics leader across the schools.


Across the Infant and the Junior schools, our reading books are banded into a wide range of reading levels. In the Infant school our wide variety of ‘real books’ and some popular reading scheme books (Collins Big Cats and Project X) are levelled according to the National Book Band colour system ranging from lilac (wordless books) up to pearl (long chapter books).

In the Junior school, children begin to use the Accelerated Reader programme which levels our library of ‘real’ reading books (up to date fiction and non-fiction by well known and loved authors) and some reading scheme books (particularly at the lower levels) using its own number system. The children work their way up through the levels in point 1 increments by passing computer based quizzes on the books they have read. Using the childrens Accelerated Reader login, Parents and Carers are able to see their childs progress via the Accelerated Reader Home Connect portal.

We have a guideance sheet which explains the different book band levels.

Book Band Guidance

Curriculum Topics

Below you will find curriculum topics for all age groups for the current term, if you have any questions about the topics being taught, please contact us.


Nursery (Early Years Foundation Stage)

Nursery - Topic - Autumn 2021

Nursery - Medium Term Plan - Spring 2021

Nursery - Topic - Summer 2021


Reception (Early Years Foundation Stage) Reception - Topic - Autumn 1 2021

Reception - Topic - Autumn 2 2021

Reception - Medium Term Plan - Spring 1 2021

Reception - Medium Term Plan - Spring 2 2021

Reception - Topic - Summer 1 2021

Reception - Topic - Summer 2 2021


Year One (Key Stage One)

Year 1 - Topic - Autumn 2021

Year 1 - Medium Term Plan - Spring 2021

Year 1 - Topic - Summer 2021


Year Two (Key Stage One)

Year 2 - Topic - Autumn 2021

Year 2 - Medium Term Plan - Spring 2021

Year 2 - Topic - Summer 2021



Year Three (Lower Key Stage Two)

Year 3 - Topic - Autumn 2021

Year 3 - Topic- Spring 2021

Year 3 - Topic - Summer 2021


Year Four (Lower Key Stage Two) Year 4 - Topic - Autumn 2021

Year 4 - Topic - Spring 2021

Year 4 - Topic - Summer 2021


Year Five (Upper Key Stage Two) Year 5 - Topic - Autumn 2021

Year 5 - Medium Term Plan - Spring 2021

Year 5 - Topic - Summer 2021


Year Six (Upper Key Stage Two) Year 6 - Topic - Autumn 2021

Year 6 - Medium Term Plan - Spring 2021

Year 6 - Topic - Summer 2021